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  1. Have a look at the Design and Project ToolKit.
  2. Fill in the Sourceing ideas Pro-forma and point out where our requirements are met by your proposal.
  3. Invite you in to present your ideas to our panel of experts.


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Source Procurement

Register as a supplier on Delta eSourcing

All future phases of the procurement process will be undertaken through the Delta BIP E Sourcing portal. In order to be able to access the tender documentation and continue in the process, you will shortly receive a request to register your company’s details visit Delta eSourcing

Should you have any issues registering your company details please call the Delta BIP Helpdesk on 0845 270 7050 or helpdesk@delta-esourcing.com

The system is free to register and will ensure that an efficient procurement process is undertaken and is of ease of use for bidders. After registration, and assuming you have been shortlisted for the next stage of the tender, you will receive notification of the release of the ITT and associated documentation as well as response timelines.


Source partners are looking to work with companies to help us deliver new homes with high residents’ satisfaction by buying:

Land - by entering into joint ventures with land owners and procuring construction
Homes- from house builders or contractors who own sites already

Our aim is to drive value into procurement through our strong relationships with construction firms and house builders.

Constructing our Homes
Source partners bring individual and packages of construction and will procure these through a number of routes. We operate individually or as a partnership to ensure our individual needs are met from procurement. Where individual sites or packages of sites exceed the OJEU threshold Partners will typically seek a call off or mini tender from:

Schemes below the OJEU threshold are considered on an individual basis.

Clarification Question Log:
FAQs will operate during the PQQ stage, as explained below.
The objective of the PQQ clarification process is to give Potential Bidders the opportunity to submit questions to Source where they require clarification on the information contained in the PQQ. In order to ensure the fair and equal treatment of all Potential Bidders, Source will provide an anonymous copy of any clarification questions, and the answers to those questions.

Question Log PQQ.pdf (0.046MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Important Update: 7th March 2014...
Download the Official OJEU notice for the proposed Source Consultant Framework Agreement.pdf (0.273MB) Adobe Acrobat File for Architects and Employers Agents (including CDM).
To receive a PQQ e.mail info@source-development.co.uk

Consultant framework OJEU in 2014
The current consultant framework expires on 5th July 2014.  The Source Partnership proposes to procure a framework for Employers Agents (including CDM duties) and Architectural services.

Consultant Framework 2014 - Pre-launch Consultation
Source Framework Feb 14.pdf (0.462MB) Adobe Acrobat File

The indicative timescales are:

Consultant Framework Timetable



7 March 2014 Date Advert published and Expressions of Interest invited
7 March 2014 PQQ & Conflicts of Interest Declaration issued to Potential Bidders who have expressed an EOI
28 March 2014 Deadline for receipt of Potential Bidder clarification questions
25 April 2014 Deadline for receipt of Expressions of Interest
28 April 2014 Midday Deadline for receipt of PQQ & Conflict of Interest Declaration  submissions
16 May 2014 Completion of PQQ evaluation and communication of result
23 May 2014 Invitation to Tender (ITT) issued to shortlisted Bidders
21 July 2014 Deadline for receipt of ITT bids
22 Aug 2014

Bidder Interviews  Anticipated to be first 2wks August Completion of ITT evaluation & communication of decision

22 Sept 2014 Standstill period  From 5 Sept 2014 ending September 19th at midnight Contract Award




















Consultation - The initial review by partners suggests that there will be three geographic lots per service and a maximum of 5 suppliers per lot area. The partners will be meeting on the 7th February to review the volume of work and service schedules and will hold two regional events (one in Cornwall and one in Dorset, both of the consultation events will be held on 14th February 2014). Information will be posted on this site.

Consultant Instructions:

Employers Agent + CDM-C:
- Section 106 Agreements
- Design and Build + Framework Contractor / Refurbishment / Open Market Sale

- Design and Build

Enquiries - If you would like to make any enquiries please email us at info@source-development.co.uk.

Last updated: 20 May 2014

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